Why Some People Need To Stop Flexing

Stop Flexing Like You Got It

Nowadays I see people flexing, and I don’t mean muscles. I’m talking about flexing money or materialistic things. I don’t have anything against people flexing, we all do it sometimes, but if you don’t have it like that, you shouldn’t be flexing. If you are flexing money and not making six figures, then you shouldn’t flex. If you’re driving a luxury car and you’re making monthly payments you shouldn’t be flexing.

The One Mogul

Be Humble

I get it sometimes you have to flex on the haters, but only do it if they’re testing you. Be humble and just know that you’re no better than anybody else. At the end of the day if you’re balling just know that there was a time in your life where you didn’t have money. No one is born with money in their pockets. Stop flexing on Instagram just to boost your ego and make people think you have it like that.