Why Do People Lie?

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1. They are Hiding Something

The answer seems to be straightforward, but let’s discuss the obvious reason for why people lie. They either want something from you, or they are hiding something. We all done it before, but whether it is intentional or not we should be aware of it. Don’t you hate it when you know someone is lying, but the person is still¬†telling you the story. For example, let’s say you are that person where you already know the answer to something, but still ask someone a question to see if they are lying. I guess sometimes it is beneficial to lie about something, but never do it at the expenses of others.

2. They Do not Respect You Enough To Tell You The Truth

I do not think I know what’s worse: people who lie, or people who think you are stupid enough to believe their lies. Like they say if the words do not add up, it is usually because the truth was not included in the equation and it is time to subtract yourself from toxic people. You do not need those kinds of people in your life. Nowadays fake is a trend, and real situations will expose fake people. This is the main reason why people have trust issues. You cannot trust anyone, but yourself fully. Intentional lies that hurt other people is like cancer in the soul.

3. They Don’t Even Know they’re lying

I know this sounds crazy sometimes, but some people don’t even realize that they’re lying sometimes. Intentional lies are the worst. Sometimes you have to know the difference between intentional and unintentional lies. Don’t ever lie to people who trust you. This will cause a domino effect where people start having trust issues. Be a good person in life and just tell the truth. The truth will always set you free, and your behavior says everything about you.

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