Ice Breakers? We Are In College I'm Not Here To Make Friends

Start The Class Already

This was my mindset in college. There were times when professors would make us do ice breakers. These icebreakers consist of an introduction of yourself and what’s our plan in life. Icebreakers are used so we can network around and get to know other people. Now I don’t have a problem with making friends, but I’m just saying that I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to get my education. Most of the time these people you meet will disappoint you or will slow you down from whatever you’re doing.

The One Mogul
The One Mogul

The Reason You Are In College Is To Get A Degree

Your friends will not get the college degree for you. You are in college to put in work and limit any distractions that might prevent you from obtaining that college degree. If you don’t put in work then you won’t get results. I’m not saying you shouldn’t make friends in college, but just be aware of your future. Just know in college it’s important to make friendships that are deeper than gossiping and drinking, smoking, and going out. If you do any of these activities it will drain you out later and you will have a reality check of what you’re doing in life. You should make friends who you can go get breakfast with, make friends who support your life goals and believe in you.

How You Can Change Your Life By Investing Your Time Wisely

Success isn’t going to chase you

I’m not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing in life, but if you want to continue reading this, which I highly advise you should then go ahead. If you have anything negative to say later, please invest your time somewhere else. If you are still reading this, then I can tell you this would be an investment worth your time. We all want to be successful in life right? What does success mean to you? The most common way success is defined by our society is wealth. The more money or assets you have, the more successful you are viewed within our community. Now, what are you willing to do to obtain this success? Nowadays many people dream of this success, but in reality, they don’t want it bad enough. However, whatever success means to you it’s all in reach, and all it takes is this one step to change life for the better.

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1. Invest Your Time Wisely

You have dreams that you should be chasing after. You have goals that you’ll never achieve by chilling. You don’t want a reality check later in your life. Time moves fast, which you will have to learn to walk quicker. No matter where you are in life, you still can achieve your goals. You need to get your priorities straight. You need to be specific, and it’s time to put pieces of your puzzle together. Time is the ultimate giver and taker. Time is both feared and appreciated. If you used your time foolishly, you’d regret it. If you used your time wisely, you’d see results. It takes time to achieve your goals. Thus you will have to be patient and act efficiently.

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2. How to invest your time wisely

Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do something. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. We all are currently investing our time in something, whether it’s reading this, school, relationship, work, or whatever it might be. If I were to ask you, are you where you want to be in life right now? A majority of you will respond no. A majority of you are most likely currently in school. School is an investment that a majority of us do. We give education our time and hopefully, we get the job we want. More often than not we don’t get the job we want. Thus we settle for less. Once we decide we are comfortable with this you fail to achieve your goal, which is getting the job you want. Now to a small portion of you that will respond yes, I’m where I want to be in life, then I hope you’re happy and keep pushing forward.

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If you are currently in school, then this should be your priority. School work should be finished before you make time for anything else. You say you want a college degree? Then you must do whatever it takes to get a college degree. If your friends are slowing you down from your school work, then you need to remove yourself and go to an optimal environment where you can push forward. If you’re in a romantic relationship and it’s slowing you down both mentally and physically, then you must decide to continue or cut the ties. I’m not saying you should drop everything for school, but education should be your primary priority and where a majority of your time will be invested. If you’re out to party and you have work that needs to be done, then you don’t have your priorities straight. If you were to tell me that you can do it later, then I will tell you that what you won’t do someone else will, and they will be better because they put in that work and effort.

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I know it might sound selfish, but you should be a priority. At the end of the day, you are the most extended commitment in life. The sad truth about this is that it’s a cold world. We strive at the expenses of others. It’s a competition out here, and most people don’t realize it. For example, school your test scores are compared to other students. How you perform is an indicator of your position in the classroom. If you don’t have the best test score, then you are not putting enough time and effort. There’s no excuses and no one to blame but yourself. You must strive to be the best, or you’ll be average. Don’t settle for being mediocre; you were made for greatness. If you just failed an exam then you must evaluate what went wrong. It’s your future, and if you aren’t putting time and effort in later, you’ll never achieve your goals.

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3. The time is now

Whatever your goals might be you should be working toward it every day. Just do what you love, and the rest will follow after. Work hard and work smart as well. If you aren’t where you want to be in life, and you start working toward your dreams now you’ll thank me after. Don’t be that person that says they will do something, but won’t do it. Actions will speak louder than words. Make your dreams a reality and never quit. The time is now.

It will take time

  • Know your definition of success and set goals
  • Invest time and effort wisely
  • Maintain Priorities
  • Cut off any distractions
  • In due time