Ice Breakers? We Are In College I'm Not Here To Make Friends

Start The Class Already

This was my mindset in college. There were times when professors would make us do ice breakers. These icebreakers consist of an introduction of yourself and what’s our plan in life. Icebreakers are used so we can network around and get to know other people. Now I don’t have a problem with making friends, but I’m just saying that I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to get my education. Most of the time these people you meet will disappoint you or will slow you down from whatever you’re doing.

The One Mogul
The One Mogul

The Reason You Are In College Is To Get A Degree

Your friends will not get the college degree for you. You are in college to put in work and limit any distractions that might prevent you from obtaining that college degree. If you don’t put in work then you won’t get results. I’m not saying you shouldn’t make friends in college, but just be aware of your future. Just know in college it’s important to make friendships that are deeper than gossiping and drinking, smoking, and going out. If you do any of these activities it will drain you out later and you will have a reality check of what you’re doing in life. You should make friends who you can go get breakfast with, make friends who support your life goals and believe in you.

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