Why These Girls Ain’t Loyal

1. You’re Broke

I’m not talking about all girls, but what I can tell you is that no girl wants a broke boy. I don’t have anything against broke boyfriends, but in reality, there’s no reason for you to be broke. You are given many opportunities to get up and hustle. If you have bills to pay, I can understand and respect that, but money isn’t going to chase you. You have to get up and start putting in work. She shouldn’t be carrying you in life. I’m pretty sure you guys don’t want a broke girlfriend unless you’re a sugar daddy.


2. You’re Too Available 

Don’t be too available. This is how you lose your girlfriend. When you’re also available, it will make your girlfriend think you’ll always be there for her. She will most likely feel you’re needy or don’t have anything better to do. They will take you for granted I understand you should always make time for your girlfriend, but there are times where you must be alone. You have things that need to be accomplished in life. You being too available makes you lose your importance. I know this sounds terrible, but let them miss you.


3. You’re Lame

If you’re not balling, then you will most likely lose your girlfriend to Mr. Steal your girl. You should have high ambitions in life and a great personality. Looks will only get you so far with a girl. It’s a competition out here, which it’s the sad truth about this. Your girlfriend can sense that you’re afraid to lose her, which she can take advantage of you.