5 Rules Of A Relationship

Every Relationship Will Have Issues

Love is an exciting topic. People that hop into a relationship must know there’s always going to be problems. You can’t tell me you’re currently in a perfect relationship. When you are in a relationship, you see potential in your partner. This potential lifetime partner relationship will have issues, but you must decide whether or not you’ll have to fight for love or let go. Nowadays everyone is falling in love. Whether or not you’re falling in love for justified reasons you should always follow these rules of a relationship.

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1. Stay Faithful

Loyalty is key and I know nowadays it’s hard. If you don’t see yourself having a future with your partner, then you’re wasting your time. Don’t play with other people’s emotions or waste people’s time. Time is valuable, and it’s something we can’t get back. Stay faithful or stay single.

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2. Make Time

In reality, you’re never too busy to make time for your partner. I know you have heard it before, but you are never too busy, it’s a matter of priorities. Your partner should always feel special and wanted. Never make them feel alone in the relationship. eb15a084ebf950605ddc592606fec730

3. Don’t Lie

I know it’s hard nowadays to trust people. In reality, you can only trust yourself fully. It will take time to build trust, but do your best not to lie. Nowadays the term that I like to use would be to always keep it one hundred with your partner.Image result for give and take relationship quotes

4. Give And Take Balance

We give and take from people and it’s something you must know and learn. Don’t take too much or give too much. You must learn that there should be a balance within the relationship. If you take too much then you’re slowing down your partner, whether it’s mentally or physically.

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5. Communicate

Talk about things with your partner, whether it’s good or bad. Nowadays people’s relationship fails because they don’t communicate. We all make mistakes whether it’s small or big, but within a relationship when you’ve done something wrong admit it and be sorry. You’re better off losing your pride than losing the one you love because you rather let your pride get the best of you.


I know a relationship can be hard, but sometimes you’ll have to fight through it. You will live and learn from relationships through experience or through people, but at the end of the day, don’t let it make you. Relationships will bring you a heartbreak or on a trip of happiness.

  • Stay Faithful
  • Make Time
  • Don’t Lie
  • Give And Take Balance
  • Communicate